Notice #1

I probably won’t have anything to say till next Tuesday. If something does come up, I’ll write it down somewhere then make one post of the next couple days. See you then everyone! And remember…

Stay Chill My Friends


Some say it’s darkest before the dawn

So my interview went pretty well, made the employee laugh a couple of times and didn’t stutter. So I’m pretty confident. I waited so long for my drive back. Turns out my ride was packing up some food and went to get their kid before coming for me… I waited like half an hour in the freezing cold man! Well whatever… When I got back, the CD already came in but for some reason it got damaged and is having trouble being read. So what now? I’ll have to make a copy and if the copy fails too… I’m gonna have to leave this problem to the professionals. What can I do?I’m at my wit’s end.

I loved wearing the classy clothes. I feel much more…up. That could just be me though…….

So the text so far was me in the morning and for the rest of the text is me at night.
Alright! Just finished the first season to Gotham and let me just say how emotional I was with **SPOILERS** Fish’s apparent death **END OF SPOILERS**

I’ve been having headaches at night lately… Only till I get to bed. It’s weird though because I don’t feel tired… Just hungry. I don’t eat before sleep of course but it’s a real urge I have nowadays. I don’t know what I have planned tomorrow… Maybe I’ll get my bank statements right away. After everyday living here, I feel more and more the need of a cellphone and a driver’s license. I would get either but I don’t know where to look. Specially for the license! I want to be able to drive! I’m 18… I should be able to. Besides, I have the age to drive alone legally. UGH a lot of things are bothering me but I promised myself I’d stay.

I need to be patient. With time, I know things will get better! This is a life test right now and I will pull through! Follow me and see if I am a man of my word or if I give in. And don’t forget…

Stay Chill My Friends

People! OMG!!!

I didn’t practice for my interview!!!! This is bad… I’m so worried. I can get most of the questions down except for my strengths and weaknesses. I mean… My strengths are already written on my resume… Why should I have to tell the employer again what they are?! As for weaknesses… What can I say without having me look bad. Can I say that I’m a perfectionist? I don’t know… I guess I’ll think of something before going to sleep. I wonder if casual class is an okay look for interviews. Well whatever, I can’t go in with a T-shirt and jeans.

I gave my resume to a couple of stores at the plaza near where I live and there’s a bar there! I see myself now… Sliding glasses of boos across the counter, always seeming to clean the same glass with a towel, talking with the Italian mafia in back… Sounds great! It was the only place where I had a nice talk with one of the employees. There was this embarrassing thing that happened when I was filling Tim Horton’s application form… I forgot what day it was so I had to ask one of the employees what day it was and filled out the date next to my signature. I couldn’t believe I forgot.

On my way back home after I was done giving my resumes, I stopped by my aunt’s house. My cousin was kind enough to print me more copies of my resume. I got there and told them about how I’m more likely to get hired at the bar than anywhere else, watched some Gotham and **SPOILERS** saw fish scoop her eye out in Gotham..**END OF SPOILERS** My poor niece saw the whole thing! I think I was more disgusted than her though… So I left shortly after, ate some potatoes and chicken and here I am. Getting ready to sleep for tomorrow!

Forgot to say that my CD will arrive tomorrow. I hope my grandma will be able to sign and take the package when the mailman arrives. If the mailman arrives when I’m out that is… OKAY! STOP WITH THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!!! I am going to that interview and I’m going to rock it! See you all tomorrow! Find out how I did and if I got my mail on time. And don’t forget…

Stay Chill My Friends

Practice makes perfect

So I had I a lot of practice for my interview coming up. I can answer many questions and I have 2 situational examples in case the employer asks about a time I went over and beyond or if I had a tough customer to take care of. The funny thing is that I had this practice at a BBQ restaurant while eating chicken wings! Man it was so good. Sometimes I’d just forget what I’m even saying because I’m so focused on the wings. It’s too bad I couldn’t pass any of my resumes today. I spent too much time “rehearsing” my interview.

So today was pretty calm. My windows CD finally came in but only to find out it didn’t work. I almost (shield your child’s eyes… Done? Okay) lost my shit! But I called home and my dad told me our CD should arrive tmw morning… I reeeally hope its the case. I waited so long and I miss playing games!

For the rest of the day now, I’m going to watch Gotham. My next video is almost done loading so I thought I’d blog now before I get too tired and end up not making post. I apologize again for that. Let’s hope that I will have better luck tomorrow with the CD. Hopefully my computer will boot from my dad’s CD. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to find a tech store to fix this problem. I probably won’t be able to pass any resumes tomorrow either since I have to wait for the mailman to give me my CD. If it isn’t tomorrow, its after tomorrow for sure. But after tomorrow is my interview… Crap! I really hope it comes tomorrow!

That’s about everything that happened today. Will I have my computer fixed tomorrow? Am I gonna be ready for the interview? Find out next time on Nice Coco Z!!! And remember…

Stay Chill My Friends

Quest Accepted

I’m sorry that I didn’t make a post yesterday, I was very tired and nothing of interest really happened but! I will try to make up for it today because today is the day I start giving away my resumes in person! It is also possible that I receive my windows CD today but if it’s not the case I call my parents to mail me our own CD the express way! (Idk what it’s really called but basically you pay a bit more for it to arrive sooner)

I will make another post tonight, as I usually do, to tell you all how my day went and what to expect later. See you guys later and remember…

Stay Chill My Friends

Delays! Delays everywhere!

There are 2 things I didn’t take into account.
1: The weather
2: It was the weekend
So not only was it not worth the trip, the managers weren’t going to be there anyways. So I thought it’d be a good idea to see my cousin and rehearse a bit for the interview… You know that thing I planned yesterday… Well I couldn’t go see her either because she had this biiig argument with her mom and I’d be really shy to be there. Oh and another thing! I have to wait till Monday to see if my CD came by the mail. If it didn’t I have to call back home for them to send me their CD because I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I want my computer and I want it now.

So I couldn’t help but feel worried about my interview Wednesday… I don’t know what kind of questions they’ll be asking. I only had one interview before and it was ruined by a fly… That’s is one story for another day.

So today was a lot like yesterday except that instead of having visitors, I watched the entire dark knight trilogy. That’s right! All three movies in a row. It was weird watching these a second time knowing all the hints for the future. But one thing is that I noticed jokes that I didn’t see before! Like when Batman and Catwoman were talking on the roof. He turned around for a second and when he looked back, Catwoman disappeared and Batman said “so that’s what that feels like!” I laughed wayyyy too much! Because I always wanted batman to know how it feels that the person you were talking with a second ago disappear. It’s his thing with Gordon man!

The irony is strong with this one…

Besides that, today was pretty regular. Grandma trying to overfeed me, sending my resume to employers online, watching Gotham… I’m just disappointed I couldn’t complete my plan for today. It would of been easier if I had my windows CD… *hints parents reading my blog* I guess I can’t rush this. Follow me to see if my plans for today will get completes tomorrow! (Btw, kijiji add is still inactive…) Goodnight everyone!

Socializing is Coming

Today was a much better day! I woke up and ate some eggs with some filet mignon, took a nice bath, cleaned the house a bit and watched a lot of Gotham (man I’m addicted to this show). So yeah, that means my computer isn’t back but that’s okay! My aunt came with some printed copies of my resume! Look out Toronto city, there’s a new man in town and he’s gonna take over. My cousin brought an ad saying there’s a job offering at a your center! I called and they’re interviewing me Wednesday. Gotta start somewhere right?

Insert Drake pun here

A bit before I started this blog, my cousin wanted to simulate an interview with me being being the interviewed and her the employer. Let !me be blunt… It was terrible. I couldn’t say a thing right. Every word that came out of my mouth made me less likely to get employed. So since then, I’ve been practicing every night and morning. Just a couple minutes before I wrote this update, I asked my cousin to re simulate an interview. And I answered every question she had. This was a big step for me but its not over yet! I still need to make me look good. Like people are trying to sell a product, I need to sell myself or show my worth because “selling yourself” sounds preeeeetty weird. I couldn’t finish the interview today so I will continue tomorrow. I’ll make sure to let you guys know how it went.

I forgot the photos today again! I’m terribly sorry! I’ve been busy today. I had to make a lot of calls. Some didn’t get answered…. At any rate, I know I will get my CD by mail. And should come before my interview, which is convenient! But my game buddies already started playing without me. The waiting is too long… At least there playing something that I  wouldn’t.

Tomorrow I have a plan, I will go to the nearby plaza and drop as many resumes as I can and then go to my aunt’s house to continue my interview training. I also need to stop going to sleep so late… My interview is at 9 in the morning! I have 4 days I think to fix my sleeping habits… Is it possible? I sure hope so or that interview will be a total failure! Why did I even say 9 was okay?! Well whatever. A part of me hopes I get refused. I don’t even know what the job is consisted of. I just have a “take whatever I can” attitude right now.

Near the end of the day, my aunt came withe her husband and daughter(who is 11 years old btw). I had too take are of the child as usual so I showed her a movie I saw when I was a kid; Sinbad: legend of the seven seas.I didn’t remember much of the movie so we were both into it. She was fascinated sine it was a really good child’s movie and it was nostalgic for me. At the end of the movie there was a kiss scene and my little cousin turned her had away yelling “ewwwwww!!!!” I laughed so hard! Oh my god, it was adorable. It reminded me when I was also like that. I teased her anyways saying that it was a cartoon and no one should care. But a scene I forgot is that right after the dog comes in to break the kiss and saves day from us kids! It made her really happy of course. I dug in the movie a bit and found out that Sinbad was voiced by Brad Pitt! Who would’ve known…

That was about it for today. Hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill my plan for tomorrow…today… Whatever! Don’t forget to follow me and share my blog with some friends who might be interested in my life growing in Toronto city! Goodnight everyone.

Spark Of Hope

My computer might come back to life! My aunt gave me a call not too long ago and said she might have a windows CD! I CAN FINALLY DO SOMETHING!!!! YEEAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I love you Gotham but I’m sorry, my baby is calling for me. And immediately after my call, I received an E-mail announcing blade and soul’s release date! Here’s a picture of my e-mail.


In other news, I didn’t take the pictures I promised because I had a massive headache today. Don’t worry though! I feel muuuuch better now and I’ve been laughing while I chat with my friends. Felt really nice… I encourage you all to talk with friends you haven’t talked to in a while. I’m sure you and your buddy will feel happy about it. I’m watching Vikings while writing this so please forgive me if this update is lacking content…

So my morning was really slow but I finally got to use my killer key chain! Look at this!!!


For those who don’t recognize the smiling face, its from an anime called one piece and this is the jolly roger of the heart pirates who’s captain is called Trafalgar Law. The only key there is for my mail. If you were following me, you’d already know that I used the key to look if I got my windows CD yet. Unfortunately, it didn’t as you may have already guessed by reading the first paragraph.

Alright back to topic… My morning… I sent my resume to a couple more employers and I looked at my ad on kijiji and didn’t have any visitors yet. I guess no one is need of a coffee table huh? I’ll repost my add for a lower price after 2 weeks. I really need the money so that I can upgrade my computer. The games I’m gonna play are very heavy. My baby was able to keep up but no more, it needs to grow.

Besides this, nothing much happened today. Whatever work I was expecting yesterday would be doing the dishes and laundry. Make sure to follow me to find out if my aunt will have the CD I need tomorrow and if my kijiji ad will ever get noticed by the senpais! Goodnight everyone.

Unproductive much?

I didn’t do much today(thus the title). I was hoping to get my windows CD by the mail so that I may reset my computer but there wasn’t anything for me there today. Recently, my computer lost its operating system and can not start. It gets me so angry when I think about it! I have a bunch of friends that want me to play with them but unfortunately,they have too wait with me… Who knows when I’ll receive my CD. But when I do, I’ll be sure to mention it!

A bit later, my aunt came by to take some papers so that our driveway can get cleaned from the coming snow.

Winter is coming!

I walked with her actually. I was curious to see more of what’s near my new “home” and I found some pretty nice things! I just thought about sharing it right now as I’m writing! I’ll be sure to take pictures tomorrow!

I also spotted some  stores near my area. A Tim Horton’s, a subway, a convenience store and a building where you can host parties! I wonder if I’ll make friends at my first job (which I’m currently looking for) and host a party there one day… Eh maybe not, that stuff is expensive! It’s also good to know there’s a fire department there too! I guess if I ever make an accident I’ll feel safe with the firemen at the corner. That’s about all there is near me. I want to discover more of this welcoming and friendly city.

The people here are really nice! They’re really engaging and social!!! Just the other day, I was buying some groceries and talked with a stranger there for almost an hour! I didn’t even get his name! Lemme tell you why this is amazing to me. Where I’m from, everyone stares at each other because we wanna talk but we all get intimidated by the other(at least that’s how it was for me). But one thing is for sure, either we stare each other or we avoid most eye contact possible with strangers. That is how it is with everyone! So talking with some random person is something unthinkable and this is why all this is amazing…. I’m sorry for repeating myself… It just really is.

When I came back home, I managed to fix a casting problem with my second tablet. I use it to watch movies using Netflix or anime and cartoons. Yep, I like the jap stuff. You do too? Let’s be friends! Did I mention I really love games too? I watched Gotham for the first time today and maaaaan! I am loving it! I can’t wait to keep watching… But I get the feeling that I have some work waiting for me tomorrow.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I tutored french for the first time! My niece doesn’t speak the language much so I had to translate and help her with her homework by translating and actually showing her how to do her work. It was quite funny really. I enjoyed it! Later I told my cousin that if she needs help ever again, she can come ring my doorbell anytime. It seems like french will follow me wherever I go… *sigh* French caused me so much pain and misery in the past.

That’s pretty much all that happened today. Follow my daily blog where I talk about my new life in Toronto city and my adventures at finding a god damn job!!!!

(Also, I didn’t get any views on my add on kijiji ;-;)

First for Anyting

Today is the day I live on my own terms. My family left me to live freely with my grandmother in Toronto for the year so I may find a job and learn to be responsible. This is completely new to me! I’ve always had people telling me what to do and I always followed my instructions blindly… Till today. Today is the day I give myself my own objectives and to be completely honest… I was  confused. I had no idea what to do!

So I went to see some family members who lives like a couple minutes away in hopes of finding something to do. Luckily they gave me a task! Sell some of their furniture on kijiji. Kijiji, to those who don’t know, is a site where people can post ads about what they wanna sell/buy. Using my MMO trading skills that I developed over the years, I set a reasonable price to be able to sell quickly (while still making some profit). Now it is only a question of patience! How long till someone notices my ad? Follow me so that you can read what happens!

I can’t get used to these very short days… I usually wake up at 11 in the morning so my days only last a couple of hours unfortunately. Walking outside when its so dark is scary! It’s only 6pm and it looks like its midnight! I do like the night, don’t get me wrong. I just like it when it’s quiet.

It’s quite lonely in the house with my grandma. I just watch TV and send my resume to a bunch of employers online so I may get an interview. I hope someone will call me soon… I was actually thinking of getting myself a pet. I always had normal pets like cats and dogs but this time, I wanted something different and small. I wanted a hedgehog actually! But they eat bugs and their poop smells very bad. Two things that I hate. Bugs and bad smells. I have no idea what kind of pet to get. Maybe a ferret or a guinea pig…

Anyways, my artist today messaged me about my story’s progress and I had to tell her with everything that’s been going on, I couldn’t focus much. Then it hit me! Why not make a story based on my life! I’m gonna be going outside everyday now, why not inspire from it?

And then I thought! Man, I wish I had someone to talk about my life and I thought “BLOGS!!!”. This is why I started today as a brand new blogger! This is my first blog ever!!! And I hope it’s done the right way. Follow me next time to see how my new life in Toronto develops!