First for Anyting

Today is the day I live on my own terms. My family left me to live freely with my grandmother in Toronto for the year so I may find a job and learn to be responsible. This is completely new to me! I’ve always had people telling me what to do and I always followed my instructions blindly… Till today. Today is the day I give myself my own objectives and to be completely honest… I was  confused. I had no idea what to do!

So I went to see some family members who lives like a couple minutes away in hopes of finding something to do. Luckily they gave me a task! Sell some of their furniture on kijiji. Kijiji, to those who don’t know, is a site where people can post ads about what they wanna sell/buy. Using my MMO trading skills that I developed over the years, I set a reasonable price to be able to sell quickly (while still making some profit). Now it is only a question of patience! How long till someone notices my ad? Follow me so that you can read what happens!

I can’t get used to these very short days… I usually wake up at 11 in the morning so my days only last a couple of hours unfortunately. Walking outside when its so dark is scary! It’s only 6pm and it looks like its midnight! I do like the night, don’t get me wrong. I just like it when it’s quiet.

It’s quite lonely in the house with my grandma. I just watch TV and send my resume to a bunch of employers online so I may get an interview. I hope someone will call me soon… I was actually thinking of getting myself a pet. I always had normal pets like cats and dogs but this time, I wanted something different and small. I wanted a hedgehog actually! But they eat bugs and their poop smells very bad. Two things that I hate. Bugs and bad smells. I have no idea what kind of pet to get. Maybe a ferret or a guinea pig…

Anyways, my artist today messaged me about my story’s progress and I had to tell her with everything that’s been going on, I couldn’t focus much. Then it hit me! Why not make a story based on my life! I’m gonna be going outside everyday now, why not inspire from it?

And then I thought! Man, I wish I had someone to talk about my life and I thought “BLOGS!!!”. This is why I started today as a brand new blogger! This is my first blog ever!!! And I hope it’s done the right way. Follow me next time to see how my new life in Toronto develops!


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