Unproductive much?

I didn’t do much today(thus the title). I was hoping to get my windows CD by the mail so that I may reset my computer but there wasn’t anything for me there today. Recently, my computer lost its operating system and can not start. It gets me so angry when I think about it! I have a bunch of friends that want me to play with them but unfortunately,they have too wait with me… Who knows when I’ll receive my CD. But when I do, I’ll be sure to mention it!

A bit later, my aunt came by to take some papers so that our driveway can get cleaned from the coming snow.

Winter is coming!

I walked with her actually. I was curious to see more of what’s near my new “home” and I found some pretty nice things! I just thought about sharing it right now as I’m writing! I’ll be sure to take pictures tomorrow!

I also spotted someĀ  stores near my area. A Tim Horton’s, a subway, a convenience store and a building where you can host parties! I wonder if I’ll make friends at my first job (which I’m currently looking for) and host a party there one day… Eh maybe not, that stuff is expensive! It’s also good to know there’s a fire department there too! I guess if I ever make an accident I’ll feel safe with the firemen at the corner. That’s about all there is near me. I want to discover more of this welcoming and friendly city.

The people here are really nice! They’re really engaging and social!!! Just the other day, I was buying some groceries and talked with a stranger there for almost an hour! I didn’t even get his name! Lemme tell you why this is amazing to me. Where I’m from, everyone stares at each other because we wanna talk but we all get intimidated by the other(at least that’s how it was for me). But one thing is for sure, either we stare each other or we avoid most eye contact possible with strangers. That is how it is with everyone! So talking with some random person is something unthinkable and this is why all this is amazing…. I’m sorry for repeating myself… It just really is.

When I came back home, I managed to fix a casting problem with my second tablet. I use it to watch movies using Netflix or anime and cartoons. Yep, I like the jap stuff. You do too? Let’s be friends! Did I mention I really love games too? I watched Gotham for the first time today and maaaaan! I am loving it! I can’t wait to keep watching… But I get the feeling that I have some work waiting for me tomorrow.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I tutored french for the first time! My niece doesn’t speak the language much so I had to translate and help her with her homework by translating and actually showing her how to do her work. It was quite funny really. I enjoyed it! Later I told my cousin that if she needs help ever again, she can come ring my doorbell anytime. It seems like french will follow me wherever I go… *sigh* French caused me so much pain and misery in the past.

That’s pretty much all that happened today. Follow my daily blog where I talk about my new life in Toronto city and my adventures at finding a god damn job!!!!

(Also, I didn’t get any views on my add on kijiji ;-;)


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