Spark Of Hope

My computer might come back to life! My aunt gave me a call not too long ago and said she might have a windows CD! I CAN FINALLY DO SOMETHING!!!! YEEAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I love you Gotham but I’m sorry, my baby is calling for me. And immediately after my call, I received an E-mail announcing blade and soul’s release date! Here’s a picture of my e-mail.


In other news, I didn’t take the pictures I promised because I had a massive headache today. Don’t worry though! I feel muuuuch better now and I’ve been laughing while I chat with my friends. Felt really nice… I encourage you all to talk with friends you haven’t talked to in a while. I’m sure you and your buddy will feel happy about it. I’m watching Vikings while writing this so please forgive me if this update is lacking content…

So my morning was really slow but I finally got to use my killer key chain! Look at this!!!


For those who don’t recognize the smiling face, its from an anime called one piece and this is the jolly roger of the heart pirates who’s captain is called Trafalgar Law. The only key there is for my mail. If you were following me, you’d already know that I used the key to look if I got my windows CD yet. Unfortunately, it didn’t as you may have already guessed by reading the first paragraph.

Alright back to topic… My morning… I sent my resume to a couple more employers and I looked at my ad on kijiji and didn’t have any visitors yet. I guess no one is need of a coffee table huh? I’ll repost my add for a lower price after 2 weeks. I really need the money so that I can upgrade my computer. The games I’m gonna play are very heavy. My baby was able to keep up but no more, it needs to grow.

Besides this, nothing much happened today. Whatever work I was expecting yesterday would be doing the dishes and laundry. Make sure to follow me to find out if my aunt will have the CD I need tomorrow and if my kijiji ad will ever get noticed by the senpais! Goodnight everyone.


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