Socializing is Coming

Today was a much better day! I woke up and ate some eggs with some filet mignon, took a nice bath, cleaned the house a bit and watched a lot of Gotham (man I’m addicted to this show). So yeah, that means my computer isn’t back but that’s okay! My aunt came with some printed copies of my resume! Look out Toronto city, there’s a new man in town and he’s gonna take over. My cousin brought an ad saying there’s a job offering at a your center! I called and they’re interviewing me Wednesday. Gotta start somewhere right?

Insert Drake pun here

A bit before I started this blog, my cousin wanted to simulate an interview with me being being the interviewed and her the employer. Let !me be blunt… It was terrible. I couldn’t say a thing right. Every word that came out of my mouth made me less likely to get employed. So since then, I’ve been practicing every night and morning. Just a couple minutes before I wrote this update, I asked my cousin to re simulate an interview. And I answered every question she had. This was a big step for me but its not over yet! I still need to make me look good. Like people are trying to sell a product, I need to sell myself or show my worth because “selling yourself” sounds preeeeetty weird. I couldn’t finish the interview today so I will continue tomorrow. I’ll make sure to let you guys know how it went.

I forgot the photos today again! I’m terribly sorry! I’ve been busy today. I had to make a lot of calls. Some didn’t get answered…. At any rate, I know I will get my CD by mail. And should come before my interview, which is convenient! But my game buddies already started playing without me. The waiting is too long… At least there playing something that I  wouldn’t.

Tomorrow I have a plan, I will go to the nearby plaza and drop as many resumes as I can and then go to my aunt’s house to continue my interview training. I also need to stop going to sleep so late… My interview is at 9 in the morning! I have 4 days I think to fix my sleeping habits… Is it possible? I sure hope so or that interview will be a total failure! Why did I even say 9 was okay?! Well whatever. A part of me hopes I get refused. I don’t even know what the job is consisted of. I just have a “take whatever I can” attitude right now.

Near the end of the day, my aunt came withe her husband and daughter(who is 11 years old btw). I had too take are of the child as usual so I showed her a movie I saw when I was a kid; Sinbad: legend of the seven seas.I didn’t remember much of the movie so we were both into it. She was fascinated sine it was a really good child’s movie and it was nostalgic for me. At the end of the movie there was a kiss scene and my little cousin turned her had away yelling “ewwwwww!!!!” I laughed so hard! Oh my god, it was adorable. It reminded me when I was also like that. I teased her anyways saying that it was a cartoon and no one should care. But a scene I forgot is that right after the dog comes in to break the kiss and saves day from us kids! It made her really happy of course. I dug in the movie a bit and found out that Sinbad was voiced by Brad Pitt! Who would’ve known…

That was about it for today. Hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill my plan for tomorrow…today… Whatever! Don’t forget to follow me and share my blog with some friends who might be interested in my life growing in Toronto city! Goodnight everyone.


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