Delays! Delays everywhere!

There are 2 things I didn’t take into account.
1: The weather
2: It was the weekend
So not only was it not worth the trip, the managers weren’t going to be there anyways. So I thought it’d be a good idea to see my cousin and rehearse a bit for the interview… You know that thing I planned yesterday… Well I couldn’t go see her either because she had this biiig argument with her mom and I’d be really shy to be there. Oh and another thing! I have to wait till Monday to see if my CD came by the mail. If it didn’t I have to call back home for them to send me their CD because I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I want my computer and I want it now.

So I couldn’t help but feel worried about my interview Wednesday… I don’t know what kind of questions they’ll be asking. I only had one interview before and it was ruined by a fly… That’s is one story for another day.

So today was a lot like yesterday except that instead of having visitors, I watched the entire dark knight trilogy. That’s right! All three movies in a row. It was weird watching these a second time knowing all the hints for the future. But one thing is that I noticed jokes that I didn’t see before! Like when Batman and Catwoman were talking on the roof. He turned around for a second and when he looked back, Catwoman disappeared and Batman said “so that’s what that feels like!” I laughed wayyyy too much! Because I always wanted batman to know how it feels that the person you were talking with a second ago disappear. It’s his thing with Gordon man!

The irony is strong with this one…

Besides that, today was pretty regular. Grandma trying to overfeed me, sending my resume to employers online, watching Gotham… I’m just disappointed I couldn’t complete my plan for today. It would of been easier if I had my windows CD… *hints parents reading my blog* I guess I can’t rush this. Follow me to see if my plans for today will get completes tomorrow! (Btw, kijiji add is still inactive…) Goodnight everyone!


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