Practice makes perfect

So I had I a lot of practice for my interview coming up. I can answer many questions and I have 2 situational examples in case the employer asks about a time I went over and beyond or if I had a tough customer to take care of. The funny thing is that I had this practice at a BBQ restaurant while eating chicken wings! Man it was so good. Sometimes I’d just forget what I’m even saying because I’m so focused on the wings. It’s too bad I couldn’t pass any of my resumes today. I spent too much time “rehearsing” my interview.

So today was pretty calm. My windows CD finally came in but only to find out it didn’t work. I almost (shield your child’s eyes… Done? Okay) lost my shit! But I called home and my dad told me our CD should arrive tmw morning… I reeeally hope its the case. I waited so long and I miss playing games!

For the rest of the day now, I’m going to watch Gotham. My next video is almost done loading so I thought I’d blog now before I get too tired and end up not making post. I apologize again for that. Let’s hope that I will have better luck tomorrow with the CD. Hopefully my computer will boot from my dad’s CD. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to find a tech store to fix this problem. I probably won’t be able to pass any resumes tomorrow either since I have to wait for the mailman to give me my CD. If it isn’t tomorrow, its after tomorrow for sure. But after tomorrow is my interview… Crap! I really hope it comes tomorrow!

That’s about everything that happened today. Will I have my computer fixed tomorrow? Am I gonna be ready for the interview? Find out next time on Nice Coco Z!!! And remember…

Stay Chill My Friends


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