People! OMG!!!

I didn’t practice for my interview!!!! This is bad… I’m so worried. I can get most of the questions down except for my strengths and weaknesses. I mean… My strengths are already written on my resume… Why should I have to tell the employer again what they are?! As for weaknesses… What can I say without having me look bad. Can I say that I’m a perfectionist? I don’t know… I guess I’ll think of something before going to sleep. I wonder if casual class is an okay look for interviews. Well whatever, I can’t go in with a T-shirt and jeans.

I gave my resume to a couple of stores at the plaza near where I live and there’s a bar there! I see myself now… Sliding glasses of boos across the counter, always seeming to clean the same glass with a towel, talking with the Italian mafia in back… Sounds great! It was the only place where I had a nice talk with one of the employees. There was this embarrassing thing that happened when I was filling Tim Horton’s application form… I forgot what day it was so I had to ask one of the employees what day it was and filled out the date next to my signature. I couldn’t believe I forgot.

On my way back home after I was done giving my resumes, I stopped by my aunt’s house. My cousin was kind enough to print me more copies of my resume. I got there and told them about how I’m more likely to get hired at the bar than anywhere else, watched some Gotham and **SPOILERS** saw fish scoop her eye out in Gotham..**END OF SPOILERS** My poor niece saw the whole thing! I think I was more disgusted than her though… So I left shortly after, ate some potatoes and chicken and here I am. Getting ready to sleep for tomorrow!

Forgot to say that my CD will arrive tomorrow. I hope my grandma will be able to sign and take the package when the mailman arrives. If the mailman arrives when I’m out that is… OKAY! STOP WITH THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!!! I am going to that interview and I’m going to rock it! See you all tomorrow! Find out how I did and if I got my mail on time. And don’t forget…

Stay Chill My Friends


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