This ain’t easy…

Diplomacy is my way of life

I see people making arguments and getting into fights later because no one knows how to stay calm right? In some cases… yeah! But you can’t just assume everyone can stay calm forever. Sometimes you need to be careful with what you say or you may straight up offend someone and send them on a 2 week rant. (I’m exaggerating of course) My way of avoiding conflict is simply being diplomatic. Now it’s not easy for people to this but it’s second nature to me. Now keep in mind that an idiot will get offended to anything… What do I do when I encounter an idiot? I keep my distance! It is that simple!

Now that I just solved internet world peace… What do I do now? Barely anyone reads my blog (I have no idea why! This is an amazing blog! *laughs ironically*) so why should I bother going on? Well I’m trying to see this the same way as losing weight.

You might not see results right away. With patience, you will find success in anything.

Am I crazy with quotes or what?! I’m so cool, I’m my own idol! Am I narcissistic? MAYBE! But no one told me that I am yet so I’ll just keep going. Maybe it’s because I do my best to avoid offending anyone… (Something to think about) I’ve been constantly told that I am the most chill person that they know. I am only stating what I’ve been told. I don’t know if this is true because I never smoked weed but if I did… I might just be the most chill person ever.

I’ll be honest,I signed in today because I wanted to keep the blog alive… I have nothing going on in my life right now. I’ve been online and saw people argue and thought “Oh! Great idea for new blog post” and here we are.

Well… Have a nice day everyone and don’t forget…


Stay chill my friends



New School!

Note: Hey guys! Sorry yet again for another late post but I’ve been pretty busy and really tired with this new schedule I have. But I’m back and I think I’m finally getting used to it. So here we go…


I barely slept the  night before the first day. Actually… I didn’t sleep at all. Those symptoms kept me awake all night and it was brutal. I got out of bed at 6:35 which is a lot earlier than planned. Then I ate so much! Oh my god! 3 eggs, some meat, onions and cheese. I got the right buses and we spent the day getting everyone to know each other. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you see it) I didn’t get to say my story as I tried to hide my presence as much as possible. No one seemed to notice and I was alright with that!

The second day, we talked about managing our time, stress and anger. See this was a bit irrelevant to me since (believe it or not…) I’m great at managing with my time, I never get angry and I absolutely try my best to keep stress from getting to me which is going very well… Just yesterday while I was in a Skype call with friends from back home, they noticed I looked really relaxed and very happy. Mainly because I smiled a lot. I also noticed that I, somehow, developed a better sense of humor while I was alone. I’m making people laugh! I was never known to be funny so this is a new feeling for me. It’s nice 🙂 I like it…

A weird thing during that lunch… I had 15$ so I can buy my lunch for a couple days but I ended up using it all for one lunch! That is crazy!!! How can 2 shawarmas and a drink cost 15$??? I used to get 2 for 3$ and they were filled and everything. I swear I was shocked to find out that everything here is like 5 times more expensive than back at home.

So for today, the third day… We took some tests in the morning to they know our skills/abilities and values then we watched a movie by Adam Sandler called ‘Anger Management’ Not a bad movie, made me laugh a couple times here and there. Before leaving, we were told that’s there’s a new restaurant opening next week that are hiring. (You think I’m gonna tell you what it is so you can steal my chance?? Pshhh get real) So yeah, I’ll talk about that another day.

That’s about what happened for the past 3 days. Someone did try to buy my coffee table on kijiji but ended up not wanting it in the end. Follow me to find out if I get a job or any friends from this program and don’t forget…


Stay chill my friends.

This is it

I spent the whole day playing Warframe today… Waiting for the day to end. I’m making a post early this time because I will need to wake up early tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day of the class at YMCA. I have my direct deposit form, my bus money and the schedule. I don’t know what to expect form this program nor do I know how long it will be. All I know is that it’s definitely going to help me get a job. What do I have to lose? It’s early in the morning and I get payed. If anything, I’m just winning here. If I ever get kicked out, I just lost a bonus is all. So there’s nothing to be worried about! …

For some reason late today, I was freezing in my chair all of a sudden. I thought it was just the heat that turned down but I put on some slippers and my vest and I was still cold. I was confused but I decided to ignore it since it’ll probably pass. About an hour later, my mouth got really watery. Maybe I was thirsty since I’m really dehydrated. I drank some water and barely took a couple sips! I started to get a bit scared. Am I getting a cold? A bit later, it got a bit harder to breath and I started breathing from my mouth only. I thought my nose was blocked but I was able to breath from there too. Just one thing… it felt like I was missing some air.

For a while now, I haven’t been eating much. Usually 2 meals a day since I wake up at about noon and I eat in small portions. Something the size of a sandwich…

Anyways, my grandma asked me to eat dinner right away. I got really hungry as soon as I started eating! It was really odd but I didn’t complain. I ate a lot this time and that actually made me happy. My legs were shaky though so I thought a walk outside would be nice. Just my luck… it was foggy as hell and all the trees were dead. It was so scary! I thought the next person that walks by me is going to stab me to death every time.

As you may have guessed, it didn’t happen since I’m writing this. But the walk sure helped. Alright tomorrow! BRING IT ON!!! Oh and don’t forget…


Stay chill my friends

Beginning Of A New Chapter

Quick Notice: Sorry guys! I forgot to talk about yesterday but I’ll try to write down as much as I can remember of yesterday to make up for it.

Alright! So I went to a local mosque yesterday and man… did that bring back memories. I haven’t went to a mosque in such a long time! 2~3 years maybe… When I came back, I felt like I was surrounded by a family. We all do the same thing and we all have similar morals. I felt very much at ease.

So after going out, I went right away to the car and waited for my cousin after he’s done talking with his friends. When was done he brought me shopping with him. He got me a beard trimmer and some books to learn how to drive… Yeah this is new to me. I just study this book, then I can practice on this second book till I feel I ready to take the written exam. Then I can start taking classes for the driving exam! That’s what I understood anyways.

So I shaved (or trimmed… whatever you wanna call it) the little amount of hair on my cheeks that look disgusting. I’ve been waiting so long to do this because it made me look naaaasty. After that I started reading the books my cousin gave me and after reading a couple pages, my eyes were already getting sore. The thing is that when I read on a paper, my eyes get sore very easily because I have to constantly focus my eyes to see any of the characters. While I was looking at the site where I got my old glasses, my aunt was in the house and saw. I explained to her what’s going on and she told me I can get reading glasses at the pharmacy and the dollar store!

Before I left to the pharmacy near my place, my grandma told me to say “hi” to anyone in the neighborhood. To me… this was not an easy thing to accomplish. My entire life I tried avoiding contact with my neighbors. I felt fortunate no one was around when I went out but when I came back, the same cousin who brought me to mosque yesterday came today again! This time, he brought a desk chair he didn’t want anymore. I was so happy! I was sitting on this tiny wooden chair ever since my computer got fixed. SO COMFY! MY ASS IS HAPPY!!!

Minutes before starting this text I started making my food experiments. I put sliced pieces of banana toaster oven and sprinkled it with sugar. I liked the crunchy parts of the banana more. Most of it was soft. Tomorrow, I will try to make the whole thing crunchy. Today, I just dumped them all in a small bowl of milk and I ate it. Leaving no evidence but this text as to what I did this night.

Oh and I got accepted into the youth center’s program! Hooray for me! Class start at 9AM, Monday!

Goodnight everyone, I tried to write as much I remembered about what happened yesterday and today while explaining dark humor to my friends back at home. Oh! And don’t forget…

Mega Week (don’t get used to these)

Day 1- I finally got a response on kijiji! So the person lowered the price by less than half (as expected of anyone)  and even though I know how bargaining works, I’m not exactly skilled. I just know how to set the appropriate prices for everything. Now my family wants as much money as possible thus they don’t want to touch our minimum. What to do…Hopefully I’ll get someone with the bargaining spirit tomorrow!

Day 2- The guy still didn’t answer… Guess he doesn’t want the table. Sigh* I got my bank Zstatements! All I need now is a ride ha-ha….. For the first time, I had to use a Mac alone. Was quite a trip! I also started writing my new story full throttle! It’s called “Brawling Stars”.

It’ll be a story that follows the life of a kid who learned the basics of fighting from his cousin and grows to be one of the best. All the way to his adult years! He’s completely normal and doesn’t have a special talent or special skill so he works hard everyday and we see the fruits of his labour in his fights at the clan arena house called Brawling Stars!

I’ll send a link when a chapter gets released. I plan to make this a long story!

Day 3- My cousins were going to a party and they brought me along today. We went to this nice restaurant where we ate then went to the house where the party was being held. It was a lot of fun! Im gonna go to sleep as late as I can tonight, even though I’m exhausted, so that the next day will end quickly since I’ll most likely wake up late.

Day 4- I woke up at 3 the afternoon today. Great!!! Today won’t last long at all. It’s weird waking up an hour before it gets dark… I talked with my artist today and she’s almost done with creating the characters! Here is the progress so far…

Here’s the main character when he’s 18


Him as a child and as he grows


And this is his cousin


There is still a lot of work to be done! I should be receiving another CD tomorrow to make my computer start. Hopefully this time it’ll be bootable and undamaged! Follow her page at **NOTICE** To those who don’t like yaoi… Don’t go. To those who dunno what yaoi is… It’s basically gay romance. You’ve been all notified. Don’t come telling me you saw something you didn’t want to.

Day 5- First thing I did in the morning was look at how my mail was going and this is what I saw!


It was too early for me to leave and it didn’t arrive anyways so I went to sleep. When I woke up at 10, i t was delivered so I obviously sprinted outside in my pajamas. (With a jacket of course) When I got the mail, I was so happy I literally danced outside all the way back to my place. I just didn’t care! First thing I did was check if it was damaged and it wasn’t. Good!!!! Put it in the  computer… It was bootable!!!! So far so good!!!!! The set up completed with all my drivers still intact! Internet, sounds and display was all good to go! Of course I had some updates to do and I finished them today! My computer lives!!! I was overjoyed! I skyped with my friends, got some games back watched a movie! It was nostalgic. After three weeks, it finally got fixed. Now tell me that isn’t patience! Thank you uncle! If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be crying myself to sleep. Tomorrow is meeting #2. I think I’m going to find out if I’m getting in their program or not. I sure hope so….

Day 6- Lots and lots of waiting today. First off… I didn’t sleep well last night. Second, I woke up too early. Thirdly, I barely ate in the morning. Now keep all that in mind as I tell you what happened today. So I waited outside about an hour for the bus because I had no clue what the schedule. I couldn’t understand the website and I don’t know this area. Not to mention the freezing weather and rain… But going on this bus permitted me know what my stops are. When I got on, they gave me a form I had to fill out. I was already a bit tired because of the weather so I ended up having to make the form 3 times because I kept messing up the dates. Hooray… After that was done I ended up waiting 2 HOURS MORE THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO!!! I don’t know what the hell happened but I had to wait in a small room where there’s a hobo on my right and some stoner on my left and it smelled like crap because of this. Imagine that for 2 hours without knowing who’s the next one to see the lady. I ended up being last! What luck right????? After the two left, the smell lingered so don’t think it got better. It just got worse by the minute because I was also starving! My meeting was at 10:30AM ant I got in at 12:32PM. The. When I got in, the lady went out to check the next set of forms for the next group of people she’s seeing! Why? Because my group was an incompetent bunch that didn’t complete the form. Sure it was hard for me but I finished it! There is no excuse for them. Lady came talked to me, dared to point out how my form was not well done then the interview started. She asked sooo many questions! Easy ones… But because I was so out of it, I had to concentrate on each answer I give. Apparently I looked high and if course she asked me if I was. I made it through but good god! It was not easy! I had a shawarma and some coke on my way back but man…. I’m starting to hope they don’t accept me… People who go to youth centers are usually losers so I really doing enjoy the atmosphere there. Well whatever. I’m gonna get a call Friday so they will let me know whether or not I’m going to get in the program. If I do, I need to come in Monday with this paper so they can wire money to my bank? I forgot the name… I was so close to collapsing when she told me what I had to bring… I’m probably gonna ask her Friday if I get in.

When all of this was done, I rested up and went on my computer the rest of the day! Played Warfame with my friends on the TV with my ps3 remote. It’s so cool man! You should all try it out.

Day 7- Today was a fun day on warframe. I made my clan and named it after my story, made my first weapon, we finished the first boss. We made a lot of progress. I planned out the plot for the next 2 chapters of my story this morning too! After that I tried a new recipe I found online to make some delicious chicken and vegetable combo. I couldn’t take a picture at the time since my tablet’s battery was dead. I basically did stuff I’ve been procrastinating for a while now and I’m glad I finished these things.

Before going too bed, I started the download for smite and Gary’s mod on steam. I found this neat trick to set an event for your computer to close at the time you desire! Basically you open this built-in program called “task scheduler ” then you create a basic task. You set the time and date of the task to trigger, how often you want it to trigger and then what to trigger. Turns out there’s an executable file called shutdown! So you tell it to execute shutdown and it will at the time you turned in. Amazing right?!

It was quite a week guys. I honestly didn’t expect to have done this much. I guess my life is finally starting am I right? My story in Ontario is truly getting started.

Stay Chill My Friends