New School!

Note: Hey guys! Sorry yet again for another late post but I’ve been pretty busy and really tired with this new schedule I have. But I’m back and I think I’m finally getting used to it. So here we go…


I barely slept the  night before the first day. Actually… I didn’t sleep at all. Those symptoms kept me awake all night and it was brutal. I got out of bed at 6:35 which is a lot earlier than planned. Then I ate so much! Oh my god! 3 eggs, some meat, onions and cheese. I got the right buses and we spent the day getting everyone to know each other. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you see it) I didn’t get to say my story as I tried to hide my presence as much as possible. No one seemed to notice and I was alright with that!

The second day, we talked about managing our time, stress and anger. See this was a bit irrelevant to me since (believe it or not…) I’m great at managing with my time, I never get angry and I absolutely try my best to keep stress from getting to me which is going very well… Just yesterday while I was in a Skype call with friends from back home, they noticed I looked really relaxed and very happy. Mainly because I smiled a lot. I also noticed that I, somehow, developed a better sense of humor while I was alone. I’m making people laugh! I was never known to be funny so this is a new feeling for me. It’s nice 🙂 I like it…

A weird thing during that lunch… I had 15$ so I can buy my lunch for a couple days but I ended up using it all for one lunch! That is crazy!!! How can 2 shawarmas and a drink cost 15$??? I used to get 2 for 3$ and they were filled and everything. I swear I was shocked to find out that everything here is like 5 times more expensive than back at home.

So for today, the third day… We took some tests in the morning to they know our skills/abilities and values then we watched a movie by Adam Sandler called ‘Anger Management’ Not a bad movie, made me laugh a couple times here and there. Before leaving, we were told that’s there’s a new restaurant opening next week that are hiring. (You think I’m gonna tell you what it is so you can steal my chance?? Pshhh get real) So yeah, I’ll talk about that another day.

That’s about what happened for the past 3 days. Someone did try to buy my coffee table on kijiji but ended up not wanting it in the end. Follow me to find out if I get a job or any friends from this program and don’t forget…


Stay chill my friends.


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