This ain’t easy…

Diplomacy is my way of life

I see people making arguments and getting into fights later because no one knows how to stay calm right? In some cases… yeah! But you can’t just assume everyone can stay calm forever. Sometimes you need to be careful with what you say or you may straight up offend someone and send them on a 2 week rant. (I’m exaggerating of course) My way of avoiding conflict is simply being diplomatic. Now it’s not easy for people to this but it’s second nature to me. Now keep in mind that an idiot will get offended to anything… What do I do when I encounter an idiot? I keep my distance! It is that simple!

Now that I just solved internet world peace… What do I do now? Barely anyone reads my blog (I have no idea why! This is an amazing blog! *laughs ironically*) so why should I bother going on? Well I’m trying to see this the same way as losing weight.

You might not see results right away. With patience, you will find success in anything.

Am I crazy with quotes or what?! I’m so cool, I’m my own idol! Am I narcissistic? MAYBE! But no one told me that I am yet so I’ll just keep going. Maybe it’s because I do my best to avoid offending anyone… (Something to think about) I’ve been constantly told that I am the most chill person that they know. I am only stating what I’ve been told. I don’t know if this is true because I never smoked weed but if I did… I might just be the most chill person ever.

I’ll be honest,I signed in today because I wanted to keep the blog alive… I have nothing going on in my life right now. I’ve been online and saw people argue and thought “Oh! Great idea for new blog post” and here we are.

Well… Have a nice day everyone and don’t forget…


Stay chill my friends



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