This blog is about my new life in Ontario where I talk about my career’s progress, my books, what games I’ve been playing and anything in between every day. Why do I say new life? I used to live in Quebec. That’s a big thing apparently but I don’t see what’s special about it. The people there are a bit hard to approach, the cops are terrible but at least the shawarma is cheap! But I like it more here, people are very nice and engaging, I speak English better than French so it’s easier for me to express myself, I have more family here and I also get to live alone with my grandma! Isn’t that awesome!? She loves to spoil me and though I’m not used to being spoiled, I try to enjoy it.

So that’s about it! Have any questions? Don’t be shy to ask me! I will do my best to answer every single question you all have. It can be about anything! What my favorite color is, to what ethnicity, to what games I’ve playing recently.

(Oh! If you ever feel like playing with me, feel free to ask for my IGN. I love to make new friends, specially after being gone from all my real life friends for so long… I tend to get lonely. I can be a bit shy at first though but I try to talk ^_^ )


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