Beginning Of A New Chapter

Quick Notice: Sorry guys! I forgot to talk about yesterday but I’ll try to write down as much as I can remember of yesterday to make up for it.

Alright! So I went to a local mosque yesterday and man… did that bring back memories. I haven’t went to a mosque in such a long time! 2~3 years maybe… When I came back, I felt like I was surrounded by a family. We all do the same thing and we all have similar morals. I felt very much at ease.

So after going out, I went right away to the car and waited for my cousin after he’s done talking with his friends. When was done he brought me shopping with him. He got me a beard trimmer and some books to learn how to drive… Yeah this is new to me. I just study this book, then I can practice on this second book till I feel I ready to take the written exam. Then I can start taking classes for the driving exam! That’s what I understood anyways.

So I shaved (or trimmed… whatever you wanna call it) the little amount of hair on my cheeks that look disgusting. I’ve been waiting so long to do this because it made me look naaaasty. After that I started reading the books my cousin gave me and after reading a couple pages, my eyes were already getting sore. The thing is that when I read on a paper, my eyes get sore very easily because I have to constantly focus my eyes to see any of the characters. While I was looking at the site where I got my old glasses, my aunt was in the house and saw. I explained to her what’s going on and she told me I can get reading glasses at the pharmacy and the dollar store!

Before I left to the pharmacy near my place, my grandma told me to say “hi” to anyone in the neighborhood. To me… this was not an easy thing to accomplish. My entire life I tried avoiding contact with my neighbors. I felt fortunate no one was around when I went out but when I came back, the same cousin who brought me to mosque yesterday came today again! This time, he brought a desk chair he didn’t want anymore. I was so happy! I was sitting on this tiny wooden chair ever since my computer got fixed. SO COMFY! MY ASS IS HAPPY!!!

Minutes before starting this text I started making my food experiments. I put sliced pieces of banana toaster oven and sprinkled it with sugar. I liked the crunchy parts of the banana more. Most of it was soft. Tomorrow, I will try to make the whole thing crunchy. Today, I just dumped them all in a small bowl of milk and I ate it. Leaving no evidence but this text as to what I did this night.

Oh and I got accepted into the youth center’s program! Hooray for me! Class start at 9AM, Monday!

Goodnight everyone, I tried to write as much I remembered about what happened yesterday and today while explaining dark humor to my friends back at home. Oh! And don’t forget…


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