This is it

I spent the whole day playing Warframe today… Waiting for the day to end. I’m making a post early this time because I will need to wake up early tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day of the class at YMCA. I have my direct deposit form, my bus money and the schedule. I don’t know what to expect form this program nor do I know how long it will be. All I know is that it’s definitely going to help me get a job. What do I have to lose? It’s early in the morning and I get payed. If anything, I’m just winning here. If I ever get kicked out, I just lost a bonus is all. So there’s nothing to be worried about! …

For some reason late today, I was freezing in my chair all of a sudden. I thought it was just the heat that turned down but I put on some slippers and my vest and I was still cold. I was confused but I decided to ignore it since it’ll probably pass. About an hour later, my mouth got really watery. Maybe I was thirsty since I’m really dehydrated. I drank some water and barely took a couple sips! I started to get a bit scared. Am I getting a cold? A bit later, it got a bit harder to breath and I started breathing from my mouth only. I thought my nose was blocked but I was able to breath from there too. Just one thing… it felt like I was missing some air.

For a while now, I haven’t been eating much. Usually 2 meals a day since I wake up at about noon and I eat in small portions. Something the size of a sandwich…

Anyways, my grandma asked me to eat dinner right away. I got really hungry as soon as I started eating! It was really odd but I didn’t complain. I ate a lot this time and that actually made me happy. My legs were shaky though so I thought a walk outside would be nice. Just my luck… it was foggy as hell and all the trees were dead. It was so scary! I thought the next person that walks by me is going to stab me to death every time.

As you may have guessed, it didn’t happen since I’m writing this. But the walk sure helped. Alright tomorrow! BRING IT ON!!! Oh and don’t forget…


Stay chill my friends


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