Some say it’s darkest before the dawn

So my interview went pretty well, made the employee laugh a couple of times and didn’t stutter. So I’m pretty confident. I waited so long for my drive back. Turns out my ride was packing up some food and went to get their kid before coming for me… I waited like half an hour in the freezing cold man! Well whatever… When I got back, the CD already came in but for some reason it got damaged and is having trouble being read. So what now? I’ll have to make a copy and if the copy fails too… I’m gonna have to leave this problem to the professionals. What can I do?I’m at my wit’s end.

I loved wearing the classy clothes. I feel much more…up. That could just be me though…….

So the text so far was me in the morning and for the rest of the text is me at night.
Alright! Just finished the first season to Gotham and let me just say how emotional I was with **SPOILERS** Fish’s apparent death **END OF SPOILERS**

I’ve been having headaches at night lately… Only till I get to bed. It’s weird though because I don’t feel tired… Just hungry. I don’t eat before sleep of course but it’s a real urge I have nowadays. I don’t know what I have planned tomorrow… Maybe I’ll get my bank statements right away. After everyday living here, I feel more and more the need of a cellphone and a driver’s license. I would get either but I don’t know where to look. Specially for the license! I want to be able to drive! I’m 18… I should be able to. Besides, I have the age to drive alone legally. UGH a lot of things are bothering me but I promised myself I’d stay.

I need to be patient. With time, I know things will get better! This is a life test right now and I will pull through! Follow me and see if I am a man of my word or if I give in. And don’t forget…

Stay Chill My Friends


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